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Why do I need URL rewriting?
There are many arguments in favour of the use of URLrewriting. By default, the URLs, if you look at the URLdesign simply leaves to the unsuspecting programmer, something like this:;=kaufen&ort;=berlin

This is not nice and it also has a negative effect on the placement and indexing in the search engines.
Looks through them URL-Rewriting generated variant not much better?
It is also much easier for the average user to understand.

What is the maximum length of a URL?
Under no circumstances should you exceed the limit of 256 characters, but a limit of about 65 characters is recommended.
From this length, lines are automatically wrapped by many email applications and thus URLs often rendered unusable.
You can still do them by copy & paste; put that back together, but no average user can do that, which you should always have in mind.

How do you put numbers in the URL?
For larger pages, it is usually not possible to prevent at least one database ID in the URL is transferred.

http://domain.tld/32425.html is short, but it is neither beautiful nor meaningful.
The following variant would be more recommended:


Which file extension should I use?
Technically, it doesn't matter by URL-Rewriting you can call the files .html, but just as well .wurst or you can simply omit the extension.

The variant ".html" definitely has the advantage that at least a certain part of the Internet users can do something with this abbreviation. What the user has already seen and he may even understand, can be less suspicious to him.

From time to time you can also meet on the net URLs such as




Here, the supposed file extension gives an indication of what kind of content is behind the URL conceals.

Is it better to use www.domain.tld or just domain.tld?
The www subdomain is an invention from the early days of the Internet, which no longer serves any purpose today.
It should be omitted. Last but not least, the URLs is therefore also shorter and easier to understand.

Of course, over a few years, until this realization has prevailed among the average user, there will still be URLs with "www." and also be entered.
To intercept them and to the right URL if you redirect, we recommend using the following code for the .htaccess:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$1 [L,R=301]

Is it possible to use capitalization?
If the server can handle it, capitalization is not a problem.
On the contrary: Correct upper and lower case usually improves readability additionally and is therefore recommended.

What characters can be used in the URL?
It is recommended not to use special characters and to use "ß", "ä", etc. in the URL with "ss", "ae", etc.
Ideally, no commas and the like should be used, but only "/", "-", "." and letters and numbers

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