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Terms & Conditions Generator

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About Terms & Conditions Generator

How to Generate Terms and Conditions

Create a rock solid terms and conditions agreement for your website or app with our easy-to-use tool, completely free of charge.


Fill out the forms with the required information about your company.


Enter your website URL to allow’s generator to customize your terms and conditions template to your personal website or app.

  1. YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS IS READY's terms and conditions generator is finished. Simply copy the on-screen custom agreement text.


You can add your terms and conditions agreement anywhere on your website but it is most often found in the website footer.

Why You Need Terms and Conditions

Every website needs to include terms and conditions. Regardless of whether your website or app is for business or not, you will be better protected from liability with a terms and conditions agreement.

Our free terms and conditions generator is capable of providing an instant legal solution for the intellectual property on your website. So why take the chance?

  • What are terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions agreement is a website page or document that clarifies the rights, responsibilities, terms, conditions, and usages of anyone visiting a site. Essentially, it is a simple way to create a contract between the site owner and the site users.Terms and conditions usually feature an explanation of any key phrases used in the terms and conditions agreement, and an outline of the restrictions on the legal liability of the website owner incase of any damages incurred during use of the website.It will also include the website’s policy for any legal action that could be taken against any users that break the terms and provide users with legal advice as to the rights of the website owner to do so.

  • What can I add in a Terms & Conditions?

Terms and conditions should always include a disclaimer. A disclaimer limits your legal liability with regards to any misinformation in the content of the website.You should also add copyright information, billing policies, warranties, and the rules that users must follow to use your websites or apps.It is very important to protect your intellectual property, such as your logo, your unique web or mobile app design and your content (unless the content is user-generated), which is yet another reason for having a terms and conditions agreement.Therefore, you should make sure that you include the Intellectual Property clause in your terms and conditions.

  • Why terms and conditions are important?

In case of a legal dispute involving your website, the terms of this agreement will form the basis of your defense against any claim.Due to this, all websites, apps, and online stores should create a terms of use agreement.

  • Is a Terms & Conditions agreement required by law?

Unlike the privacy policy, terms and conditions agreements are not a legal requirement. Still, it should be considered as an essential document by every website owner especially for Online Store.Terms and conditions are legally binding and are considered as a contract in a court of law. They form the legal basis for the relationship of your website, platform, or online store, with its users.Due to this, it is essential for website owners to produce terms and conditions that cover their own individual website requirements. You can do this quickly and for free with our custom terms and conditions generator.

  • How do you write a good terms and conditions?

In the past, companies that needed to know their rights in the law would have to hire a third party like a lawyer to get legal advice.Our handy Terms and Conditions Generator is the perfect solution. Simply enter your email address, company information, and website URL into the required fields and you’re good to go.Remember, every website is different and as such no two terms and conditions should be the same. If your website simply copies its terms and conditions policies from another company, this could be seen as copyright infringement. LinkPay also features a number of effective legal policy tools such as a Privacy Policy Generator designed to help websites create custom privacy policies and stay up to date with privacy laws. All websites can create custom legal policy content in a matter of moments.

  • What is the difference between the privacy policy and terms & conditions?

As mentioned above, a privacy policy is a legal requirement for all websites that collect personal information from their users.A privacy policy is a document that is designed to make sure that all users are aware of the rules regarding the collection, retention, sharing and use of any personal information. Generate yours for free right now with LinkPay’s Privacy Policy Generator. A terms and conditions agreement lays out the rules and requirements that website users must agree with to use your services. It is not a legal requirement.