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Check Your IP & More At My IP Address
I am certain that the question ‘What Is My IP Address?’ has cropped up in your mind just like anybody else who operates internet. As a matter of fact in today’s world when almost everyone living in a city or even in a remote suburb has access to internet, it is strange to observe that when they are asked about their IP address the most common reply is ‘I do not have any idea what my IP address is’ or ‘can I find out my IP address?’. Here are some of the facts that you must know if you are using an internet connection.

What Is My IP Address?
In simple terms, IP which stands for Internet Protocol is the method with which two computers are connected via internet and the IP address is the unique code which is used to identify your internet connection and network.

What Are The Details That Form My IP Address?
An IP Address normally has all the information about the user and the internet connection he or she uses. Primarily it contains the information about the internet connection’s server, the proxy servers if any, the location of the servers, the country, city and zip code where the user or the internet connection is registered and the details of the Internet Service Provider.

It is also possible to find out the exact longitude and latitude of the geographical location of a certain IP address.

Why Is It Important To Know My IP Address?
It is almost imperative that you know every detail about everything that you use or connect with. The reason is similar to why you use some antivirus software. The antivirus software is responsible to let you know and block the site that can be potentially harmful for your computer and personal data stored on the system. Knowing your IP address will keep you informed about the slightest of details about your internet connection.

Also, the exercises through which you can find out your IP address, in the same manner you can check out someone else’s IP address and further details. This is very important for companies, professionals and even individuals. The online world is susceptible to numerous hazards including hacking, theft, frauds and is subject to various misuses.

Suppose you are doing business with someone on a remote offsite system. In today’s globalised world in most cases you do not know who you are talking or chatting to on the other end of the internet connection hence there are virtually no means to determine the genuineness of the individual or about what he says or does. Checking out his IP address may help you to find out if some of the basic information about him is in sync with what you have been supplied with.

Let us take an example to establish the same. A man you are about to do business with says that he is based in Philippines and you are based in Ohio. You can run a check on his IP address to find out if he actually is based in Manila or elsewhere in Philippines and that would at least ensure that he has been true about the basics.

Checking IP addresses and finding out server information is more important for organizations that run real time websites and those who are in ecommerce business. Keeping a track of IP addresses is one way how websites determine unique visitors that is important for organizations that run advertisements and different programs on the site.

Find All This And More At My IP Address
We intend to empower internet users with a single portal offering different information that you would need to know about IP addresses and more.


Why? Who?
Why would one need to see their own IP address? Well, this is geared toward those who have a different LAN and WAN IP addresses. For example, those behind routers, or those behind their school proxies would require their WAN IP address were they looking to host a game, connect in peer-to-peer chat, connect in peer-to-peer file sharing, connect in peer-to-peer video conferencing, troubleshooting with your ISP or any of the countless other reasons. If used your default operating system ipconfig tool to find out your IP, the other party you wish to have connect to you would not be able to under the circumstances of a different LAN/WAN IPs, because the ipconfig tool only gives you your internal network IP (LAN).


Ping IP Or Domain At My IP Address
My IP Address has come up with a tool that lets you Ping IP or a domain name absolutely free of cost and from anywhere. The ping command is normally used by computer users or system administrators to determine if the network they are connected to is alive or functioning. It is a system through which a message (data packet) is sent from the user computer to the main server, website host, email server, internet service provider or another computer on the same network and the message or data is returned back from the host to the user computer. This time is measured in milliseconds and it includes the time that the messages take to reach the host server and return to the data packet sender (source computer).

How To Ping IP At My IP Address
Normally on a computer that is connected to a network or a host server, we run the ‘cmd’ command, type ‘ping’ and then enter the IP of the host server or the system we want to test. The data packets are sent and returned and the time taken is displayed. Generally this process gives us the record of four data packets’ round trip from the user computer to the host and back. ‘A ping’ command associated with a ‘-t’ allows a user or a system administrator to continually send data packets and see the responses. This is run by professionals who need to ensure that there is no loss of data packets and that the connection is instantaneously active, that is, active at any given instant. Host servers can stay dormant at times and the continuous ping or the loop command helps one to determine if the host server is responding at all times.

To ping IP or a domain of a website at My IP Address, you can just enter the domain name or the IP address at the search bar and you would get instant results. It would normally display records for 10 data packets and the time taken by the data packets to reach the host and return to the source computer.

Why Use My IP Address To Ping IP Or Domain
In a normal computer while running the ping command you still need to enter commands and read through the results. At My IP Address you can simply type the IP address or the domain name and My IP Address would display a graph with 10 records at one glance. It is not only one of a kind service at My UP Address that is user friendly and hassle free but it also helps to save you time. Try to ping an IP through the conventional mode from the ‘Start’ button and then try to ping an IP or domain through the ‘search’ bar on My IP Address and you can see for yourself how easier and time saving the latter can be.

Why You Must Ping IP Or Domain
On many occasions we are absolutely clueless if a specific website is not functioning or if our internet connection is at fault. At times we really need to find out if a host server is functioning properly and also if the speed at which the data packets are getting responded is normal or below par. To know this information, the only way is to ping IP.

The results you get when you ping IP on My IP Address can help you to see technical details and maintain records should you be trying to evaluate the service of a website or check your internet service provider’s commitments. There are numerous usages of ping IP for system administrators and normal users as well and it cannot get better if you can ping any website domain or IP on My IP Address irrespective of the network or internet connection you are on.

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