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What Are Robots.txt and the best robots.txt file for WordPress?

04/30/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Tools

A robots.txt file is a kit that gives instructions for bots. This file is added to the source files of most websites. Robots.txt files are mostly designed for managing the activities of valid bots like web crawlers as poor bots aren't likely to follow the directions.

Think of a robots.txt file as acting like a Code of Conduct signposted on the check at a gym, a bar, or a community center: The sign itself has no power to enforce the listed rules, but "good" guides will follow the rules, while "bad" ones are likely to break them and get themselves banned.

A bot is an automated program of the computer that communicates with websites and applications. There are two types of bots available that are called good bots and bad bots. the good bot is called a web crawler bot. These bots "crawl" web pages and index the content, so that it can help to show up in search engine results. A robots.txt file helps to maintain the activities of these website crawlers so that they don't consume the web hosting of the website or index pages that aren't planned for public view.

in short terms, Robots.txt is a file that shows search engine BOTs to not crawl specific pages or sections of any website. Most of the important search engines (including Google, Bing, and Yahoo) identify and accept Robots.txt requests.


Do you know about this little file as a method to open a better rank for your website?

The search engine bots scan at the robot’s txt file. If any page or post is not found, then there is a huge chance. That bots crawler won’t index all the web pages of your site. This small file can be changed later when you add more pages with the help of little instructions.

But make sure that you do not add the main page or home in the disallow directive. Google runs on crawl resources; this resource is based on a crawl limitation. The crawl limit is the number of times crawlers will contribute to a website. But if Google finds out that crawling your site is bouncing the user activity. Then it will crawl the site slower. This slower means that every time Google gives a spider. It will only check a few web pages of your website. And your most recent post or the page will take time to get an index. To remove this type of restriction, your website needs a sitemap and a robots.txt file. These files will speed up the crawling process by informing them which links of your site needs more attention.

Why Is Robots.txt Important?

I think most of the websites don’t need a robots.txt file.

Because Google can usually find and index all of the important pages on any website.

And they will automatically NOT index pages that are not too important or duplicate versions of other web pages.

there are main three reasons that you’d want to use a robots.txt file for your website.

Block Non-Public Pages:

Sometimes you have some pages on your website that you don’t want to be indexed. For example, you might have a frame version of a page. Or a login page. These pages want to exist, But you don’t want random people arriving on that page. This is a fact where you’d use robots.txt files to block these pages from search engine crawlers and bots.

Maximize Crawl Budget:

If you’re having a terrible time getting all of your web pages indexed, you might have a crawl budget problem. By blocking random pages with robots.txt files, Googlebot can use more of your crawl budget on the pages that actually matter to your website.

Prevent Indexing of Resources:

Using meta directives can work just as well as Robots.txt for checking pages from getting index. However, meta directives do not work properly for multimedia file types, like PDFs and images. That’s where robots.txt comes into work.

How to work robots.txt file?

A robotic txt file is just a text file with no there is not use of HTML markup code (the .txt extension). The robots.txt file is uploaded on the webserver ( that call hosting) Robots.txt just like any other file uploaded on the website. In fact, the robotic txt file for any presented website can normally be viewed by typing the full URL for the web homepage. Then adding /robots.txt, like The file is not linked anywhere else on the site. So users aren't possible to stumble against it. But most web crawler bots will look for this file first before crawling the release of the site.

While a robots.txt file gives instructions for google bots or other bots, it can't actually make the instructions. A good bot, like a web crawler or a news feed bot. Will try to visit the robots.txt file first before viewing any other pages on a web domain and it will follow the instructions that were given by the robotic txt file. A bad bot command both ignore the robots.txt file or order process it in order to find the webpages that are prohibited.

A web crawler bot will follow most of the particular set of instructions in that robots.txt file. If there are different commands in the file, the bot will follow the more granular command.

There is one more important thing that to note is that should be all subdomains need their own robotic txt file. For example, has its own Robots.txt file, all the blog and community is a subdomains (,, etc.) that is need their own Robots.txt file.


A sitemap is important for any website as it contains useful information that is used for search engines. A sitemap shows bots how frequently you update your website and what kind of content available on your website. Its main motive is to notify the search engines. All the web pages of your site has that need to be crawled whereas robotics txt file is for crawlers. It says crawlers which page need to crawl and which not to. A sitemap is required in sequence to get your site indexed whereas robot’s txt is not. If you don’t have pages obesity that is don’t need to be indexed.

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